Are You A Victim Of A Romance Scam

Are You Dating A Fraud? 

Identify If The Person You Are Dating Is A Scammer: £151.00

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Are They Overseas?

If you met a person on the internet, such as an online dating, social or game site you could be the victim of a romance scam. In truth, you are chatting with an identified stranger, and nothing more. Because a person tells you they are a widower, stationed in the military, an engineer, working an oil rig, or overseas on business does not mean it is true. People lie, especially online romance scammers.

 Frank M. Ahearn identifies if you are dating a romance scammer.  

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Search For A Online Dating Scammer: £151.00

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Find A Romance Scammer

Searching for a scammer is no easy feat, nor is it impossible. However, the challenge is, have you been chatting with one person or more. Many scammers work in groups, and it is possible you have been chatting with different people, in various parts of the world. I can search to locate the scammer; unfortunately, there are never any guarantees.

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Frank M. Ahearn Identifies People In Photos: £95.00

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Who Is The Person In The Photo?

Sometimes curiosity comes alive after a dating scam, and some want to know the identity of the person in the photo. I can search and try to identify/locate the person, unfortunately, there are no guarantee. 

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Recovering Money From A Romance Scam

Do Nothing & Nothing Happens

Fight For Your Money

There is no magic button you can push that recovers money. The tactic is to yell loud, and demand money services, banks, and local law enforcement take action. As well as locating the individuals you sent money to and demanding they return. If unsuccessful report their activities to the police.

Money Recipient

The only truth in a romance scam is you sent money, and someone received. A recipient could also be a victim, and their online love told them the transfer is from a business deal. The receiver could also be a money mule who earns money by accepting and forwarding funds. Most victims do not think about going after these people. I find them to be the most critical targets since they have seen your money last.  

You Do Not Know

You do not know if the name you sent money to is the name on the bank account.

You do not know if the bank account is frozen, and still has your funds or not.

You do not know if the person you sent money is under investigation in that country. 

Banks & Money Transfer Services

Be Loud When Fighting Back!

Part of fund recovery is convincing receiving banks to open a case; not an easy task. Most banks will blow you off, stating they cannot disclose information, or they will tell you the account is closed. Other times the bank will claim there are no funds in the account. True or not, who knows. 

Many times victims will wire transfer money to common names like Eric Kelly, Ekrem Demir or Prince Adebayo. However, it is possible the bank account is not in the same name you sent on the transfer, a situation the receiving bank does not want to face. If such is the case, the bank should never have accepted your money. 

Law Enforcement

Be Aggressive!

It is difficult to get law enforcement to open a case involving a romance scam. Dating scams are global, where the victim can reside in London and sent money to Turkey, Nigeria, China or even the US. Where does such a case begin? Most online information suggests contacting the various national reporting services, which will result in a file number for your case. Nothing more. 

The Truth

There are no guarantees in money recovery. However, do nothing, and nothing happens. Do something, and something can happen, even wreaking havoc on the individuals involved in the crime.

Frank's Tactics

Do Nothing & Nothing Happens!

Frank M. Ahearn disappears people

As a skip tracer (finds people) with over thirty years of locating people worldwide, I have developed excellent international research skills. Trust me, a vital tool in the romance scam business and an advantage over most when it comes to finding contacts in foreign banks, police departments, prosecutors offices, immigration, and other legal bodies that can assist in fund recovery and justice. 

I believe in the power of words, and sending those words by mail (not email)  to the individuals who will open a file and investigate your case. 

LAW: I have discovered that the only way to get the law involved is by reaching out to the local, state, national police, prosecutors, and immigration officials in the country of loss. These are the ones who can take action, subpoena bank records, and question the receivers of your money.

BANKS: It is vital to get a bank employee on board and recognize that you are a victim and you need help. I locate the bank branches, relevant departments and at times internal investigators.

RECEIVERS: I search for the individuals you sent funds to and if contact is made demands are made. If unsuccessful, we report them to the local police. 

YOUR BANK: A key strategy is getting your bank involved, first by requesting the bank recalls the transfers. If not possible, then request they confirm that the name you listed on your wire transfer is the name on the receiving bank account. 

MONEY SERVICES: I file money transfer claims, like Western Union, Money Gram, and RIA. Sometimes these services refund money. 

My actions have helped many clients recover thousands of dollars from various entities. Unfortunately, I am unable to determine in advance who will be successful. So, think of me as the loud voice that gets you heard by those who need to listen.


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Online Blackmail & Sextortion

Blackmail Consultations: £225.00

If you found yourself in the unfortunate situation of online blackmail or sextortion, help is available. Firstly, do not pay the blackmailer or extortionist, it will not end. You can set up a consultation, and we can work through your problem together. Discretion is assured.  £ 225.00

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Frank M. Ahearn is a global skip tracer and has been hunting people worldwide for more than thirty years. He has traced people from the Bronx to Bali, the famous and the infamous. He is also a privacy expert who consults with victims of stalkers, and the author of The New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear. 

You can learn more about Frank at www.FrankAhearn.com or www.FrankAhearn.de

Frank M. Ahearn

I am a European based skip tracer who locates missing people, identifies romance scammers,  traces money stolen from online dating scams, and as a privacy expert, I help victims of stalkers and others whose lives are in danger. 

I wrote The New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear. In addition, much of my  time is spent speaking publicly and teaching online classes about finding and vanishing. You can learn more about me at www.FrankAhearn.com or www.FrankAhearn.d

Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn

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Privacy Expert & NY Times Bestselling Author

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