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Are You Dating A Romance Scammer

Did you send money to an online date?

Are You Dating A Romance Scammer?

Did you meet a person on the internet? On a dating or social website, and now you are in an online relationship? Do they claim to be in the military and deployed overseas? Are they working on an oil rig, in some foreign land with a large government contract? No doubt, a romance scam red flag!

Have you had a face-to-face video, or has the person made an excuse? Like, they are in a top-secret area, the oil rig company does not allow video, they are shy, or their mobile camera is not working. More red flags.

If you are dating online, it is essential to know the person's identity, so you do not become a victim. Even if they supplied you with a passport, it does not prove one's identity. I have seen some excellent forgeries. 

Scammers destroy lives; they break hearts and empty bank accounts. Smart dating is safe dating, which begins by knowing. Frank M. Ahearn can identify if you are dating a romance scammer, military fraud, oil rig fraud or online dating fake. 

Do not become a victim!

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Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn is a global skip tracer who has been hunting people worldwide for more than thirty years. He has traced people from the Bronx to Bali, the famous and the infamous. 

Frank is a world-renowned privacy expert who consults with victims of stalkers and is the author of The New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear. 

You can learn more at www.FrankAhearn.com or www.FrankAhearn.de

Did You Send Money To An Online Dating Scam?

Stop Being A Victim!

I can help you try to recover funds sent to a scammer. There are two strategies. 

1. The basic idea is to try and trick your money back. I create a ruse that you tell the scammer, about you receiving money. By text, I direct you on how to lead the conversation, what to say, and how to respond. 

2. I trace who received the money and search for a point of contact. Sometimes those who received the funds are other scammers or victims themselves. Once located I put pressure on the targets with the threat of the law. 

Be cautious if a solicitor contacts you are stating that they located your money. It is the scammer working the second part of the scam trying to extract more money. If you are interested in my services, I am more than happy to speak on the phone or have a video conversation. 

There are no guarantees, sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not. It all depends on the greed and sophistication of the scammer. Only you can decide if you want to act or take the loss. 

If you are interested in fund recovery, email me the total amount you sent, by a bank or money transfer service and to which countries. Frank@netScammer.com

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